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When is the last time you saw the Northern Lights, or the sunset,  or the sunrise, or the moment that took your breath away? When is the last time you took care of 'you?' Life is one big experience. Our choices dictate our outcomes. Our mission here at the Breath of Life Center is afford you the means to guide you on your way on to a beautiful, meaningful , breathtaking life. We offer support and solutions to stress and unhealthy habits.  You deserve to sleep better, live better, love better. You can drop unhappy habits like smoking and overeating, sugar addiction,etc.  Check out our Brighten Your Life Coaching, Kundalini yoga classes and workshops, events, and info now.

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HariAtma Kaur Khalsa

Questions and Answers:

What does Yoga mean? It is a union of the the small individual self with the larger universal self.

What is Kundalini Yoga- The most powerful yoga ever! It is the Yoga of Awareness. Yogi Bhajan brought it over from India in 1969. It is an experience, which no amount of rhetoric can give you.

Is Kundalini Yoga a religion?    No. Anyone of any faith can enjoy yoga and meditation. It will enhance whatever religion or belief system you have.

Why do you chant during meditations?  Some of the meditations in Kundalini Yoga require the sound current, while others do not.  They  are done in English, or Gurmukhi (similar to Sanskrit, but much easier).  The chanting or breathing, or both hold the mind in focus to achieve maximum results.

What should I bring to Yoga?  Bring a yoga mat, sheepskin, etc, to protect you from the magnetic field of the earth, and pad you , making it easier to do yoga. Blanket or shawl to wrap up in for mediation, and deep relaxation. Also bring water.

There are eighty-four postures of yoga, but all people, whether Westener or Eastener, have done them in the womb of the mother. So you are yogis anyway.

- Yogi Bhajan


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