Hello I  am your Brighten Your Life  Coach, Hari Atma Kaur Khalsa 

What were those  health and wellness goals that you wanted this year and did not accomplish?  What is the added stress of not changing bad habits costing you?  Are you enjoying a twinkie, rather than a twinkle in the eye, heavy weight rather than a bounce in your step, and a frown rather than a smile on your face?

The change you crave is achievable. I will  keep you on course with your chosen goals. I use a 7 step approach  to help you establish your goal, based on your unique needs.  Everyone is different and what works for one may not work for another. This is a customized program to suit your individual needs and concerns. You will learn where you are in the process of change , which will  determine how to progress forward with the least amount of resistance to your health/life goal. 

"Dr. Mehmet Oz tells the US Senate we need Health Coaches. In a CNN interview, Dr. Mehmet Oz reported that health coaches should be a part of every public clinic, medical office and hospital wellness center and should be reimbursed by insurance companies & corporate wellness programs."

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