Our Beginning Kundalini Yoga Classes are designed to alleviate stress, improve immunity, and encourage a relaxed state of being. We promote a combination of breath, movement, mantra, and relaxation for all skill levels.  

Brighten YOUR life  with keen awareness, a supple body and sound mind!

We have 3 packages available, each package covers 3 days of yoga a week (M, W, F) 6-7pm

Drop In - $20

12 weeks @ $300

6 weeks @ $180

1 month @ $145

One package for 1 day a week for 1 month  (TH) 6-7 pm  @ $60 or $75 depending on four vs five classes. For example Jan. has five Feb. has four hence the price difference  would be $75 for Feb. and $60 for January, ETC.

All classes must be paid in advance for the discount. You can pay in cash or money order. Never come empty handed to your teacher.


(907) 376-4601

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