Yoga for Anger Management

                                                              M Oct 9 - Oct 30 2017   


                                             $60 paid in Advance (first class) or $20/ class

                                                          RSVP 907-376-4601 for location

                   We will practice concrete methods for you to release stress and anxiety.

          Lots of physical exercise to move your body and meditation techniques to calm your mind.


                                                 Break Habits with Kundalini Yoga and Meditation

                                                          Nov. 4, 2017 Saturday  5:00 pm -7:00pm                                           


                                                             RSVP 907-376-4601 for location

                                      Be your best! Stop! Don't throw that food all over the floor.

                      Learn how to change those nasty habits! Join us . Carpool with your friends.

                                                Beginning Yoga with Pranayama emphasis
                                                                             October 19-26 2017 Thursday

                                                 6:20pm-  7:20 pm 

                                     $30 paid in advance for two classes / $20 for drop in.

                                            907- 376-4601 to RSVP and Location

                    Two classes for you!  You will learn how to engage the breath,                                                    relax, energize yourself and more.

                    We will be moving our body in different positions to                                                                        enhance the breath.                                                                             Meditation included. Come and enjoy! 

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